Thursday, February 21, 2008

Getting Stuff Done

Hello all, so I don't know if I've already written some of this stuff, but I guess it doesn't matter one way or the other.

I miss my Grandma (Leta Teysko) - she passed away on Dec 27, 2007. While she was alive she was the person I talked to most on the phone, and the person I saw most (aside from my wife). Me and her started to get to know each other when I moved up to Los Angeles in 2001. I was never really close with any of my extended family before that. I would go visit Grandma and Grandpa to help with shopping, stuff around the house, going to the bank, and of course just visiting. We got to visit a lot more the past year and a half, being that Grandpa went to heaven first. Anyways, Grandma would always call to talk about Nascar, so when the Daytona 500 was on I got a little sad. It was the first Nascar race without her. I'm getting sad now. I know she's here with me, and that give me peace, but I miss talking to her. I miss seeing her. I miss you Grandma.

I put fog lights on the aveo - I installed "crystal rod" fog lights. The crystal focus' the light so that it is cast in a flat beam. Like the light that shines through the underneath a door in your house. I ended up ordering Sylvania Yellow H3 bulbs from For all the ordering of things from websites I've done lately, I must say I was very satisfied dealing with . Also about the Yellow, much better in fog than the plain white halogen bulb that came with the lights

I'm building a sub-woofer enclosure - I have 2 - 12" 8ohm Rockford Fosgate subs I bought way back in 2000. They have been in old cabinet speakers my family got from the people across the street. Total aside, it's really great to get lucky enough to live next door, and across the street from well to do technology buffs. The reason being, they always have to buy the newest thing, leaving something else they own obsolete. So we got computers, printers, TV's, speakers, audio equipment, you name it. And becuase both guys would buy the absolutely newest thing, the old ones wouldn't be out of date by the time we got it. Anyhow, about the subs. The old cabinets they are in have 3 other mids/ tweeters, but most don't work. So the time has finally come for me to take control of the situation. As of now I have a Pioneer VSX-515 Receiver, gives out 100watts per channel. I have the center channel going into my TV speakers. My lovely TV has powered speaker inputs. The only problem is that the TV has to be on for the center channel to be operational (only matters when you are listening to music through the receiver). Now this part sound stupid, I don't have front speakers hookep up, but have the large cabinets hooked up to the surround channel. It's not worth explaining why, it doen't make sense anyhow. So... with the gift card from Target we are going to get Sony SSF6000, these will be the front speakers. I have some small bookcase speakers I am going to use for the surround channel. Then I am going to order either Dayton SA240 240W Sub Amp or Bash 300W Digital Sub Amp both are at . The Dayton is only $99 and the Bash $149, but I think the extra power might make a difference.

My wife won $5,000 from Target - You know how you get reciepts that say "Win $5,000 Just enter this code on our website" Well it really works. My wife always enters the codes (news to me) and Target (actually another company handles their sweepstakes for them) chose her for this months drawing. Cool, huh

Thanks, and I love you all.

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