Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's my birthday

Hello everyone. I am not much for birthday's, I think they are self aggrandizing. I mean what did I do - live? I think birthdays should be a celebration of your mother. If she's gone, your father. If they are both gone you are probably too old to care about birthdays anyway.

For my birthday my wife is bringing me home Arby's. I'm a simple man.

Also for my birthday (well actually because I wanted it and it happened to be close to March) I got new audio components to build the subwoofer I was talking about before. The box from came via UPS yesterday. Inside was my 300W Bash Sub-Amplifier. DAMN it THUMPS. I'm very very happy. I missed having proper bass with my music.

Right now I'm listening to Sum 41. "Hell Song" to be exact. This song is great musically, it's sad however that the lyrics are about a friend of the band who came down with HIV.

I really would like to see Barack Obama as our next president. Check out this video, these folks share the HOPE I feel. Es America de Nosotros.

If you watched that video, you'll probably think this one's funny (unless your last name is McCain)

My kitties Wrigley, Blossom, and Tulip are getting along great. It's nice to have a bit of a full house.

I've also recently bought a sewing machine I learning to use. I hemmed our front curtains, am making curtains for our side bathroom, and I plan on fixing a blanket I've had for about 15 years. It's getting a little ragged.

Lastly Thank you to Dennis, Patrick, Mom, Dad, and Heather. These people remembered me today. Love you 5 the most, but still love everyone else.

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