Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Long Time

Hi everyone. It's election day, but no polotics here. I'm so glad all this stuff is over. Nothing makes me more upset than people mandating others conform to their idea of 'right' by passing laws to garuntee it. I guess I'm a libertarian at heart. I'll tell you one thing I did vote for: Local Measure R.

So the cat situation is still about the same, except the kitties are big. Still have 9 of them, Wrigley (our first, grey), Blossom & Tulip (mom and daughter, adopted from Mountains Humane Society, norweigian snow cat), Twilight (all black, showed up on the doorstep), Polyphony (black with white puffs on chest, showed up on doorstep, PREGNANT!), Columbia (or columbus according to my wife), Wonder, Lewis Hamilton, and Big Boy Jr. At the moment we are sleeping in the bedroom with Wrigley and the door closed. The kittens are very loving, but they are much too loving for the middle of the night. They like licking my mustache and plowing their heads into my armpits. I've also been bitten on the nipple in my sleep, not too fun.

We had been taking care of an outside cat we named Mr. Wrigley (because he looked like guess who), but he was so well behaved and got along with cats so well we took him to a foster home. So now he is hanging out with other orpahns like himself waiting for a nice home of his own. He's much too pretty to be outside. In Mr. Wrig's absense we have had 4 other cats frequenting the deck. Little sister (who we actually think is a boy now) has got to be polyphony's sibling. He/she doesn't come around much and doesn't eat much when it does. There is Mama (who we arent sure if it's a boy or girl) who likes to fight any of the next two cats I'm mentioning when she sees them. Surgery Cat (named because we saw her/ him with a patch missing from a procedure unknown to us) is very sweet and has a face just like Twilight. The latest is Fluffy Cat who is very small and very timid. I don't even have a guess as to its' sex.

A couple weeks ago I was outside working and heard a cat crying. I went to check it out and noticed a cat 80 feet up in a tree. The owner guy heard me walking around and we tried to brainstorm about how to get it. We didn't have too many ideas. He climbed up a heck of a way and tied carrier with food up in the tree. The poor cat was in the tree for 4 and a half days. I don't know what ended up happening, but there are a bunch of branches that were cut off, but not in any order I can figure. Also the top of the tree is missing. Maybe someone wanted an early Christmas tree.

I was changing the oil on the car the other day and noticed something quite disturbing. There was a bold sticking out of a crack in the timing belt cover. My guess is that when we took it to the dealer to fix the timing belt they did not tighten all the bolts. Not really sure what to do, because I don't want to take it back to the dealer (they screwed it up the first time). I guess I'm just going to check it out myself, make sure the other bolts are tight and see about replacing the first one. I swear you cannot have anything done by anyone without having them screw it up. It's a good thing I know how to do alot.

Sunday was the final race in the 2008 Formula 1 season. It was without a doubt the most gut-wrenching finish to a championship in sport I have ever seen. It will probably be the best ending to a season in any sport in my lifetime.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kittens and Mothers

(composed Tues May 13)

My satellite TV has Sirius radio on it. My wife is at the office today so I am taking the opportunity to listen to 'Hip-Hop Nation', loud.

New Subject: Kitties -

One of the two cats we brought in from outside happened to be pregnant when we took her in. She gave birth to 4 beautiful kitties on Sat May 3. Mom is black with white puffs on her chest and tummy. 3 of the kids are colored like dad (Big Boy), black with white boots, a white tummy/chest, white chin. One of the 3 has shorter boots and a white splotch on her face. The other cat is like mom, black with white puffs on chest and tummy. I believe 3 are boys, one girl (splotch). They are super cute. It feels good to be a grandparent.

Oh, and Happy Mother Day to all mothers (belated).

Sadly a week and a day before the kitties were born, Big Boy (the father), was put to sleep. We took him in to get a check-up and to get neutered, ended up he had FIV (feline version of HIV). I can tell you it really ruins a lunch when you a phone call from the vet and she can't get words out. Doctors don't usually stammer, so I knew something was wrong. Anyhow, we brought him home after he was 'asleep'. I buried him in our front yard pretty close to where he liked laying on our lounger. I think he's real happy there. It is nice that he isn't hurting anymore. We could tell he was in pain for a while. It's nice also that he can come in the house now. I can feel him sitting with me, and he never did that before.

I also really miss my Grandma. I dream about her a lot, and every once in a while I am reminded that she is here with me too. It is also really nice that Grandma gets to see our house. There is no way she could have ever gotten up here before, because of the drive and the elevation, plus the 30 steps to the front door. So It's really nice having her see the house and the cats, and seeing how me and Heather live.

One other thing I was telling my Mom the other day is that I'm really glad I got to know my Grandmother when I was an adult. I saw her maybe once a year until I moved out of the house. Then when I moved to LA close to her I started going over to her place to do things for Her and Grandpa, also to visit, we loved talking and we always, always were laughing. So yeah, I got to know them then, not as old folks who were nice to me, but as people. Moving to LA got me close to my Grandparents while they were around. What a unforeseen blessing.

Life's good sometimes.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's my birthday

Hello everyone. I am not much for birthday's, I think they are self aggrandizing. I mean what did I do - live? I think birthdays should be a celebration of your mother. If she's gone, your father. If they are both gone you are probably too old to care about birthdays anyway.

For my birthday my wife is bringing me home Arby's. I'm a simple man.

Also for my birthday (well actually because I wanted it and it happened to be close to March) I got new audio components to build the subwoofer I was talking about before. The box from PartsExpress.com came via UPS yesterday. Inside was my 300W Bash Sub-Amplifier. DAMN it THUMPS. I'm very very happy. I missed having proper bass with my music.

Right now I'm listening to Sum 41. "Hell Song" to be exact. This song is great musically, it's sad however that the lyrics are about a friend of the band who came down with HIV.

I really would like to see Barack Obama as our next president. Check out this video, these folks share the HOPE I feel. Es America de Nosotros. http://youtube.com/watch?v=ghSJsEVf0pU

If you watched that video, you'll probably think this one's funny (unless your last name is McCain) http://youtube.com/watch?v=3gwqEneBKUs

My kitties Wrigley, Blossom, and Tulip are getting along great. It's nice to have a bit of a full house.

I've also recently bought a sewing machine I learning to use. I hemmed our front curtains, am making curtains for our side bathroom, and I plan on fixing a blanket I've had for about 15 years. It's getting a little ragged.

Lastly Thank you to Dennis, Patrick, Mom, Dad, and Heather. These people remembered me today. Love you 5 the most, but still love everyone else.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Getting Stuff Done

Hello all, so I don't know if I've already written some of this stuff, but I guess it doesn't matter one way or the other.

I miss my Grandma (Leta Teysko) - she passed away on Dec 27, 2007. While she was alive she was the person I talked to most on the phone, and the person I saw most (aside from my wife). Me and her started to get to know each other when I moved up to Los Angeles in 2001. I was never really close with any of my extended family before that. I would go visit Grandma and Grandpa to help with shopping, stuff around the house, going to the bank, and of course just visiting. We got to visit a lot more the past year and a half, being that Grandpa went to heaven first. Anyways, Grandma would always call to talk about Nascar, so when the Daytona 500 was on I got a little sad. It was the first Nascar race without her. I'm getting sad now. I know she's here with me, and that give me peace, but I miss talking to her. I miss seeing her. I miss you Grandma.

I put fog lights on the aveo - I installed "crystal rod" fog lights. The crystal focus' the light so that it is cast in a flat beam. Like the light that shines through the underneath a door in your house. I ended up ordering Sylvania Yellow H3 bulbs from suvlights.com For all the ordering of things from websites I've done lately, I must say I was very satisfied dealing with suvlights.com . Also about the Yellow, much better in fog than the plain white halogen bulb that came with the lights

I'm building a sub-woofer enclosure - I have 2 - 12" 8ohm Rockford Fosgate subs I bought way back in 2000. They have been in old cabinet speakers my family got from the people across the street. Total aside, it's really great to get lucky enough to live next door, and across the street from well to do technology buffs. The reason being, they always have to buy the newest thing, leaving something else they own obsolete. So we got computers, printers, TV's, speakers, audio equipment, you name it. And becuase both guys would buy the absolutely newest thing, the old ones wouldn't be out of date by the time we got it. Anyhow, about the subs. The old cabinets they are in have 3 other mids/ tweeters, but most don't work. So the time has finally come for me to take control of the situation. As of now I have a Pioneer VSX-515 Receiver, gives out 100watts per channel. I have the center channel going into my TV speakers. My lovely TV has powered speaker inputs. The only problem is that the TV has to be on for the center channel to be operational (only matters when you are listening to music through the receiver). Now this part sound stupid, I don't have front speakers hookep up, but have the large cabinets hooked up to the surround channel. It's not worth explaining why, it doen't make sense anyhow. So... with the gift card from Target we are going to get Sony SSF6000, these will be the front speakers. I have some small bookcase speakers I am going to use for the surround channel. Then I am going to order either Dayton SA240 240W Sub Amp or Bash 300W Digital Sub Amp both are at partsexpress.com . The Dayton is only $99 and the Bash $149, but I think the extra power might make a difference.

My wife won $5,000 from Target - You know how you get reciepts that say "Win $5,000 Just enter this code on our website" Well it really works. My wife always enters the codes (news to me) and Target (actually another company handles their sweepstakes for them) chose her for this months drawing. Cool, huh

Thanks, and I love you all.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I already miss winter

So, I'm from SE San Diego and I just moved to the mountains 3 months ago. I really am enjoying the snow, sleet, ice, wind, fog, etc. Weather is new to me and it's fun. Unless you have to be at work. Anyways, summer is going to be boring, no shuvelling, no wondering if the car is going to be able to get us home. Lame.

Right now I'm watching American Idol on my DVR. I'm listening to Avenged Sevenfold. They are definitely the band for me the past year or two. I really like the guitars, the singers voice, the bad ass drums, the melody/harmony the guitars do (very offspring). It's like they took all the punk stuff I like and took some metal that I liked before punk, mixed in some electonic junk, lots of production, all good to me.

Me, the wife, and the cat are planning on bringing two more cats into the family. We are supposed to meet them tomorrow. We are adopting them from the local shelter. Buying a pet from the pet store is EVIL... don't do it. Please, rescue a pet that really needs someone they might not get otherwise.

We are also feeding a couple neighborhood cats. Only one of them got all posessive of the food pile today, I tried to glare at him, let him know it's not ok to be selfish.

I'm sure there is no one reading my blog at this point, but I have the need to tell you all I love you. Have a good night.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First Entry

So this is my first entry in my blog. I guess I'm going to write all sorts of stuff in here, sorta like a journal, but less exhaustive. Right now it's 7:20pm on a Wednesday and I'm getting some things ready to install fog lights (Pilot: NV-534) in my wife's car. I guess it's our car since we only have one, but she bought it before we met, and it's bright red, so I call it her car.

Anyhow, thanks for reading. I'm pretty excited about writing about my life here. Hope you enjoy, or something.